March 18, 2005

New Projects

Working on design a new CD for Andrew Peterson. Should be a fun project. It's always a challenge to take the lyrics and visualize the atmosphere and colors that go with the music. Not sure at this point if it's going to toward some photography, or if we want to stick with illustration. Leaning towards the latter.

I just got back from a quick whirlwind trip to New York City, as I mentioned on my other blog entries. Dropped of portfolios, met with some publishers, etc.

At one point, I was about to get back in the elevator after dropping a DVD off with a publisher in Manhattan. I tried to stop a door from closing with a manila folder I had, but sadly, it just got slammed in the door. Ended up standing there for several minutes, balancing my time between trying to looking normal and concentrated attention on getting it out.

We also lost Justin at one point. I'm sure it wasn't traumatic for him in the slightest, but when you don't know where some one is in New York for several hours, and they should have called, you get worried. Seems he took a subway up to Columbus Circle at Central Park instead of getting off the F train near Little Italy.

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