February 16, 2005

Clean up

Today was a pretty refreshing day. I was able to stay at my apartment for most of the day to clean up. At some point you can't let the urgent crowd out the important----like cleaning floors, going through old papers, dishes, etc...A friend of mine has wireless nearby at his apartment, so thanks to him I was still able to stay on my email (and some design work) throughout the day.

Working on my own has given me a greater realization of the importance of discipline in my life. Sometimes the discipline is created by throwing your hat over the fence. In my case, that means inviting people over---so I have to keep my apartment managably clean. That also means that in order to get up at a normal hour, I make myself meet people for breakfast. It's been great to talk with like-minded guys early in the morning about things we're growing in, our struggles, etc. I'm reading through When I Don't Desire God with Rob Elkin. We meet every Friday morning at Starbucks to talk about 2 more chapters.

Thank God for real Christian fellowship.

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