October 22, 2004


I'm finally adding a new entry to my blog. Right now Portland Studios is going through a lot of additions and changes. Things are going very well. In a few weeks we'll be moving into our first office near downtown Greenville, SC. The next few weeks will be filled with preparation---sanding the floors, painting, etc. So when all of this is over, 5 of us will have an office location together under one roof. That should add a lot to our productivity and synergy. We're currently working on a poster to promote a humanitarian/mission organization, the Dalit Freedom Network. We're also doing some work for Waterbrook Press (Random House), Houghton-Mifflin Children's Books, a well-known parody/satire magazine, VantagePoint, and some other jobs. We're also busy developing some great children's stories---I wish I could post more here about those. Maybe later on. Anyway, here's that blog you've been asking me to do. Later.

(Oh, by the way: We now have a poster store where you can buy your favorite art from our site in 2x3 ft. prints for $25.00)

New Portland Studios Poster Store

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