January 30, 2007

Ellis Drama

We filmed this when I was at my parents for Christmas and my sister Esther recently put it all together in imovie. Enjoy.

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January 27, 2007

Lunch Time


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January 20, 2007

1st Time Sledding

We took Ari sledding today at our friends Jeff and Emily's house.

She wasn't to sure about it at first and pretty certain she didn't like it after we pulled her along a little ways. She'll probably like it better next year. I think it was a mixture of being really cold and nap time.



After (bottem of the "hill")

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January 01, 2007

Happy New Year (NYC Pics)


(Vanessa and I in Rockefeller Center.)

Happy New Year! We just got back from hanging out with some friends. It was a nice time.

NYC was a great trip. Crazy, but cool. We basically were up for an entire 24 hour period. Maybe someone will make it into a TV show.

We left the city at midnight and got back to my folks at 5am, which was when we left, the day before. We then left at noon to head back to Maine. So, I am going to throw some pics up here and head to bed.

No Apple store pics. Sorry. We didn't go. Didn't really have time. I will try not to be bitter. I took the virtual tour online though. It's kinda as good. Ok, maybe not.

Anyway, the trip was awesome. Very cool to see some friends we hadn't seen in a while and spend some time with my brother Jon and his fiance.

Here they are.


Jon and Heather on the Staten Island Ferry with Manhattan in the background


Our group with Statue of Liberty somewhere back there. From Left to right, Heather, Jon, Me, Vanessa, Nate Peterson, Kelly Peterson, Jolene Kaufman, Brannon McAllister. Steve (Jolene's husband) is taking the picture.


Vanessa, Ice Skating in Central Park. This was probably the highlight other than the fellowship. Very fun. Expensive, but worth it.

ground zero.jpg

Ground Zero. The amount of space is staggering to think about. Very sobering. I was glad I saw it.

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