October 31, 2006

Happy Reformation Day

October 31, 2006 is Reformation Day. “But,” you might protest, “October 31st is Halloween.” Oh yeah, I guess it is. I suppose I am becoming less and less concerned about it. I find Holloween annoying I guess. I did a bunch of reading this morning about the origins of Halloween and the way our secular and Christian cultures have responded to it. I am still looking into this as there is (and has been and always will be) a debate going on amid Christian circles about participation in such a holiday, namely, Trick-or-Treating. I do not desire to get involved in that debate here.

However, I did rediscover something very interesting. October 31st is Reformation Day. I found a couple of articles that I will share with you for your edification and learning.

Here is a quote from Doctrine Matters.
“The Reformation gave us the Bible – now freely available in our own languages. The Reformers fought for the principles that Scripture alone is our final authority, Christ alone is the head of the Church and justification is by God’s grace, on the basis of the finished work of Christ, received by grace alone, through faith alone.”

Here’s an audio clip of Luther’s “Here I Stand” speech from the movie “Luther.”

Notable articles regarding Halloween and Reformation Day.

Halloween Fast Approches

Happy Reformation Day, October 31, 2006

Reformation Day

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October 26, 2006

Portfolio Update

I have added some new work to my portfolio. Take a look.

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Mark Dever Pastor’s Forum

I had the privilege of going down to Boston to Gorden-Conwell Theological Seminary yesterday with a group of pastors from Maine to hear Mark Dever.

The fellowship was great and the forum was uplifting and encouraging.

Dr. Mark Dever is the Senior pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC and the executive director of 9 Marks ministries.

I am just going to post some things that Dr. Dever mentioned that I have in my notes.

Topic: “The Gospel and Healthy Churches”

1- Change is counter-cultural. We are in desperate need of fundamental change. God, however does not owe it to us. He owes us justice, but gives us grace.

2- Fundamental change is possible, not a fantasy. God really does change us radically and dramatically.

3- Self-realization is not our greatest need. The change that we need is not to simply reinforce ourselves. The Bible says that the change that is needed is not mere self discovery. It is to admit that we are not the one true God. We need to change from worshiping ourselves to worshiping God.

4- This change is not simply a larger version of a New Year’s resolution. This change must involve a change of heart.

5- Jesus told the people he ministered to that they must turn. This is not a kind of religious self-help. Jesus told Nicodemus that he didn’t need to change his life, in fact, he needed a whole new life. He must be “born again.”

6- We are telling corpses to change. Jesus spoke to the dead man and told him to come out of the tomb. God saves people through his word. That is how he works. God changes the heart.

7- Tell people with honesty. Hold nothing back. “This will be costly”

8 - Simply desiring purpose in life is not conversion.

9 - Tell people with urgency. “Do not wait for a better offer. A better one is not coming. This is it.” Christ is the only way.

10 - Tell people with Joy.

11 - Use the Bible as you tell them. These are not your ideas. Make sure they know that.

12 - Live a life that commends the Gospel. Your life is the confirming echo of your words. We should be different.

13 - Personal testimony is not necessarily evangelism. Are we making clear what HIS claims are on THIER lives.

14 - Evangelism is not God’s political plan for the nation.

15 - Evangelism is not converting people. It is to announce the good news.

A proper view of these things is necessary for your health and the health of your churches.

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October 20, 2006

The Perfect Book Cover


I LOVE book cover design like this. I see it every now and then. This kind of design hits conceptualization right on the head. A Perfect 10.
Do any of my design loving friends have any examples like this they want to share? Your own work or others. Post links in the comments or links to your personal blogs. Let's see them!

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October 12, 2006

My Culture List

I am sitting here on this rainy October morning with a freshly made scone (by my lovely wife) in one hand and a great cup of coffee from downtown in the other (you may ask how am I typing?) and feeling great. As great as I can feel before 10. I thought I would give my readers some recommendations. let me know what you think in the comments.

SEE this movie

LISTEN to this music

DRINK this coffee I recommend the darkstar.

HEAR these sermons

READ this book

VIEW this art
Thanks to Chris for the tip.

VISIT this place

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