July 13, 2004

Home Sweet Blog

I'm moving again.

My employer liked my blog so much he ran off with the name and the motto. Go fig. What's in a name anyway?

Come check out my new home. Lord willing, this one will be lived in a bit more. 8o)

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January 10, 2004

Where I've been...

In case I've been missed, here's what I've been working on that has kept me from blogging:

  1. BigBlueHat
  2. Crazy Dreamers
  3. Ubertati

I don't consider the first two to be finished yet, but I'll try and blog a little more along the way. 8o)

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December 09, 2003

Merry Christmas early!

The Lord provided an extra $100 to help me get to CO over Christmas vacation. The money came very unexpectedly yester-night from some future family. 8o)

The Lord is good.
His steadfast Love endures forever. 8o)

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November 10, 2003

Open Studios

Doug Young, my father, will be having an open studio November 21-23. You can visit his web site, DougYoundStudios.com to find out more.

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