June 01, 2004

Gentlemans Emporium

For the wedding coming up this Saturday, I opted to go with an older Victorian high-button vest. I bought the vest from Gentlemans Emporium Victorian Men's Clothing and Writing Goods. The site was nice, the vest looked good, and they shipped it here quickly. When it got here the button holes were a ragged. The thread around each button hole would get caught on each button which created a serious problem given my time frame.

I was a little concerned about calling them at first since I had just called a NY based company. New Yorkers are rather brusk people by nature. Fear of dealing with more bruskness under this added stress wasn't increasing my desire to call about getting the problem remedied.

Thankfully, the Lord had wonderfully nice people work at the Emporium. The lady that answered was understanding and concerned. She graciously listened to my story and then gave me a quick and easy solution.

Given that I needed the vest by this Saturday, she was kind enough to ship the replacement to Steph's parents house in CO. She then arranged for UPS to come and pick up the not-so-good vest. All of this (post-bruskness) was very unexpected. The Lord is always good though, and provides just the right people in just the right places to brighten ones day, lift one's spirits, and point our thankfulness to the Creator God who allows sinful people to be nice in the first place.

I highly recommend anyone interested in Victorian clothing or writing implements to do their business here. Nice people, good products, and a pretty slick web site. 8o)

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