February 05, 2004


Open Source seems to be coming of age. Not only that, but the "Open Source Business Model" actually seems to be feasible these days (and a lot less of an oxymoron).

Phil Taylor a lead Mambo developer and Christian in the U.K. has begun working with the ListMessenger developers to create a Mambo edition of their product.

Until today, I hadn't even heard of ListMessenger. In my very quick look through the demo and features list, it seems like a great entry level e-mail list management system. The interface is excellently clean and organized (something very rare in Open Source).

BBH will more than likely begin using at least the free version of ListMessenger (happily we can because their wonderful people who have a great license for their code). In the future (when Phil is done), we'll probably offer the Mambo version to our customers.

This has been on exciting morning. 8o)

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