January 19, 2004

Fire stirring

Odd combination.
(10 sylable haiku). 8o)

Sorry for the "haiku." 8o)
Hopefully I'll get back to writing some serious Japanese poetry again in the near future.

Currently our life is full of things wich I'll be blogging about more in the Family, Life, or Faith categories. 8o)

For now, I'll stick with my current web technologies excitement.

The Lord has brought a good number of projects our way recently. Most of them are just in the planning stages, but all of them look promising. We've got a huge project that should be nearing completion very shortly (special thanks to Mark C. for making it all possible). So, all-in-all the Lord has been providing a great amount of inspiration in the mundane-money category.

In the less mundane, but still very earth-bound arena of technology there have been a good number of inspiring tidbits recently.

ZenCart is a recent branch (new software created from old code) off of osCommerce (a project with great promise, but a slow future). Now that ZenCart is on the horizon, the promise for Open Source commerce systems is very much on the rise (at least as far as I'm concerned).

Mambo Open Source CMS
Mambo held promise before. With the release of version 4.5 it's potential grew. Phil Taylor (a UK based Christian Mambo developer) has recently increased his efforts to create great Mambo components. As far as anyone knows, he's the only full-time Mambo developer. He often reminds me of C.S. Lewis's comment about the "what if the leading science text book were written by a Christian?"

Callisto CMS
And the find for tonight, a virtually forgotten Open Source project called Callisto. Why another CMS? Callisto (from what I've seen) offers some things that Mambo could benefit from. The project is very much in its infancy, and as mentioned before, lacks development and developers. Michael Nachbaur, the core developer, recently posted on the SourceForge forum for his project that he would be returning to it soon.

Callisto is based on another seemingly forgotten Open Source project called AxKit. I'd looked at AxKit in the past because it held similarities to Cocoon (a project that still impresses me). AxKit is based on Perl rather than Java which means it can be hosted easily since it doesn't need the Java Run-time Environment (which in turn saves money on hosting). I haven't tried Callisto yet, and it's been awhile since I attempted to mess with AxKit (I'm extreemly new to Perl). Both projects hold promise if they can only find enough developers.

Lord willing, this inspiration will continue. There is of course plenty to be done in every corner of the globe (and basement), but we've got to start somewhere. 8o)

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