October 26, 2004

Self Defense class

Who would of thought. Okay, maybe I did. But who would have guessed that the self defense class I just finished would have been so much fun.

It was a women's self defense class using karate techniques to block, punch, and kick. I'm a green belt in kenpo, a form of karate, so I knew it would be fun. But I was only hoping my friends that I coerced to join the class would have fun. And one of then looked forward to the last class cause she would get to beat up our instructor (go kat!).

Now another thing in my life is over, and I have the option of taking the second part to the class next semester. I wonder if I will.

Your kick-boxing sprite,

Posted by Fae at 08:34 PM

October 17, 2004

Why do I have to have a title? Can't I just be entitled to be untitled?

Everybody knows how bad I am at keeping up with correspondence. I can't keep up with correspondence because I'm too busy keeping up with life. Sadly, that's how it works.

I think I'm operating on the least amount of sleep I've ever gotten in a semester. I keep hoping that my sleeping habits will improve, but the Dining Common seems to have some other funky ideas.

Sooo...besides being overworked and underslept, how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

Projects seem to pile up around here. A play, a short story, and a collage. And here I am putzing around on the web. But I thought I would stop in to say:

This Katie Sherer did not go to Carmel Middle-School.


Posted by Key at 01:53 PM