March 14, 2004

It's over

For anyone who does not know, I was in another play the Ground Floor. And this weekend was the preformances, but unfortunely, this was the only weekend. It was eight weeks from start to finish, and I enjoyed every single minute of it.

It is now over. Done, gone, history, a part of my past. People will come up to me now and say, "Hey, weren't you in that elevator play?" and I will say yes, I was the german lady with the fish and they will ask, "Do you really know German?" And I will say no, and the entire cnversation will bring back to mind the wonderful time I had with eleven other people all stuck in an elevator together for eight weeks.

*sigh* Why does time have to keep on ticking away? Why can we not stay in one moment reliving it for the rest of our lives? I guess that is just a question we, or maybe just I will ask for the rest of my life until I reach Heaven and God will answer every question.

Until eternity, have a great Lord's day,

Posted by Fae at 02:58 PM