October 24, 2003

Do you ever?

Do you ever
Feel the need to write something
Thought you don't say anything

Do you ever
Want to walk on the beach
When you're stuck four hours away

Do you ever
Want to draw something
Even though you're no artist

Do you ever
Want to love someone
Though the right one's not in sight

Do you ever
Stop, think, pray
Thank God that His plan is right?

Posted by Key at 11:34 PM

October 20, 2003

The Poetry of Panic

This is my only attempt at real poetry. I entered a state fine arts competition at the urging of some friends, and this is the result. Each of us were given two hours and a topic. The topic was God in nature. Needless to say I was in a state of high stress for those two hours, but God blessed it.

I wondered at the universe,
At sun, and moon, and stars.
Who lit the lights of heaven above?
Who spread them out so far?
The largest and the smallest
Are so very much the same.
The atom and the solar system's
Model share a name!
The mighty sun made first reply
"The Lord of hosts made me!
He said to shine my light abroad
And nurture grass and tree.
He told me "Lend your light to man
As I have also done."
So I am here till Christ returns
As the triumphant Holy One!"
The moon in gentler sweeter tones
Invited me to listen
"I was formed by the great I AM,
He gave me night to rule.
If I said the light I gave was mine
Then I would be a fool.
I merely reflect the sun's bright rays
And set the standard for men.
Who also live but to reflect
The light God's given them."
The tiny stars danced cross the sky
And spoke in unison
"Abba Father created us
To glorify His Son!
And so we run our celestial course
And only sing His praises.
For a star is not a star, you see,
If it serves not the Rock of Ages!"
I stood alone in silent awe.
It had occurred to me,
That all the world that round me is
Was made with symmetry.
And how can such design exist
Without a great designer?
Accidents do not create
Whole worlds of life and wonder.
Only God almighty makes such things
As our small Earth lives under!

By: April Ford

Posted by Kat at 01:45 PM

October 19, 2003

Things Not To Do While Eating

1) Discuss Aragorn, Faramir, Legolas, and Gimli storming the BJU gates.
2) Imagine orcs in frilly pink tutus.
3) Discuss iron-on transfers.

4) Peanut butter.
5) Sit near an open water bottle while rocking and laughing.
6) Attempt Geek (I mean, Greek) homework.
7) Discuss yourself as D.I.D. (Damsels In Distress)
8) Draw maps of Mordor with said peanut butter.
9) Whupped cream, chocolate, etc...
10) Perform resuscitation on Fae because she laughed too hard.

Posted by Key at 10:31 PM

October 18, 2003

Last but not... nevermind.

The 'other author' that no one has heard from yet.

Hi, I'm April, or Kat if you like. I've never had a blog and I don't know what to say. So, I'll pick an interesting fact out of the air and tell you something about me. My name translates easily into other languages because it's a noun and a month, and I like to collect my name in other languages. I only know four since I haven't been out looking in a while, but if you know the word for the month of April in another language, let me know!

Shigatsu - Japanese
Viresse - Elvish
Avril - French
Abril - Spanish

Posted by Kat at 04:36 PM

October 16, 2003


Be Thou my Vision is her humsong
breaking the unnatural
silence, drawing her to

An empty room, a fine layer
of dust on dolls.
She shuts the door.

Be Thou my Vision is her desire
She turns her back, cold.
‘Why’ is never answered, but

A hint of daisies,
barely gone, enfolding
gives peace.

Posted by Fae at 11:56 PM


Hi everyone who actually has time to read this! My name is Sam, short for Samantha or Samwise, take your pick. My penname is Fae. If you are really interested in the history behind that name, ask me sometime, I'd love to tell. I'm best friends with the other two authors on this site. And, hmm, something interesting about me is that I am the embodiment of an oxy-moron: girly-tomboy. Anything else you want to know? Oh, one thing real quick and then I'll let you get back to your daily lives, I grew up in California, so if I say or write something that is off the wall weird, or just plain freaky, that is probably why. Okay, now that you have all been forwarned, go enjoy the rest of this blog.
Have a God-blessed day,

Posted by Fae at 11:50 PM


the world's falling down around me
though everything I have
even those that I want not
selfishness, pride, deceit

God, why am I like this?
do I speak to empty air?
I bring my supplication
but does my heart think that you're there?

crushed, crumble, teeter, topple
my fragile world's walls are tumbled
dust that chokes me, blinding tears

I can't hold it together
my hands are too small

all the things that are wrong
rise like ghosts from the rubble
weaknesses in the fallen walls

but the foundation of rock stands

Posted by Key at 06:43 PM

October 15, 2003

Daddy Why?

Daddy, Daddy why?
words, looks, thoughts
not enough
never enough

don't you love me?

why don't I understand?
they say You don't lie
but I don't understand

tears pooling
hard breathing
Daddy, why?

the lilies, the sparrows
but why Your children?
Daddy, don't you love us?

we speak
hear no anwer
sobs too loud

can I cry?

God...oh, God...why?

Posted by Key at 10:53 PM