February 02, 2015

My Escape

Last month, I briefly alluded to having faced challenges in my life the past few years. Besides Biblical counseling before I married in 2012, I also turned to crafts as a means to fill empty hours alone at home.

After a few years' vacation from yarn, I discovered a box of varied skeins in storage when I was moving to the house I rent now. It started small; hats, mostly. I loved looking through new patterns and slowly my yarn collection began to grow.

My tastes changed; I bought a few electronic patterns. I moved into fingerless gloves and learned what amigurumi was.

Crochet is now my escape--the idle activity I fill my hands with whenever I need a distraction.

I love it. I love the soft creations that I can give as gifts to friends, because to them it's craft magic. And I love the custom orders I receive online, meaning I can share this love with others who have specifically sought me out.

So my mantra this month is: Craft on!

Posted by Key at February 2, 2015 12:27 PM