September 26, 2011

Moving in Dashes

I must pardon my absence, but the rain in this country has been hindering me in my journey. I have been fortunate in that these great oaks have sheltered me through these past few days. Every time there has been a break in the clouds, I edge a little further down the road.

It has been lonely; the roads are now so saturated with water that the mud is slick and dangerous. I came upon an overturned cart yesterday; its owner had unhitched his draft animal and had salvaged what he could. From what I could tell in the murky surroundings, he had been a vegetable farmer.

I myself found a few relatively unharmed carrots and several small potatoes. When there is enough dry wood about for me to build a fire, I shall see if I can snare a rabbit and make stew.

I hear the rain letting up outside the hollow now; I must make what distance I can.

Posted by Key at September 26, 2011 02:23 PM