September 16, 2011

At a Roadside Market

Finally, I have left the rolling road and can see across a river from here towards Woody End. On this side of the river a small market has sprung up. Calling the folk selling their wares here merchants is generous...they are more like peddlers.

I browsed through the few stalls, admiring some of the handcarved trinkets. One woman had a lovely collection of handwoven clothing. There was a lovely blue shawl that I admired very much, but did not have coin enough to buy it. As autumn is coming on, it would be nice to have another outer garment to keep myself warm on the road to come.

The woman caught me looking with such longing that we eventually struck up a conversation. She had seen a few hobbit folk before, and I showed her some of my own small jewelry. She was quite taken with a pair of bracelets that had some lovely orange beads. I added another necklace, and we traded on friendly terms.

Now I am camped further towards the river, and will pass by Woody End tomorrow. Sleep well!

Posted by Key at September 16, 2011 02:13 PM