September 14, 2011

Another 3.1 Miles Under My Belt

Today's trek has been light, and I have had sunny weather today as the road continues to wind up and down hills. There have been quite a few other travelers on the road, mostly farmers here and there.

I did stop and trade for some additional supplies from a merchant man; he was so large and the humor that danced in his eyes suggested he had not had much opportunity to deal with hobbit-folk before.

One of the things he had which caught my eye was a collection of beads. Jewelry is much more a dabblement than anything else, but these beads reminded me of the lush grass of the Shire, which a part of me already misses.

I traded him a necklace I had made, and in exchange received a small handful of these green glass beads. As I sit and write this, I am already pondering what I shall make with them. Perhaps I shall draw a picture when I have decided.

One more day or so on this rolling road and I shall be nearer to the next village.

Posted by Key at September 14, 2011 02:28 PM