December 17, 2009

An unfortunate tale

This is the story of my car, Rosie the red Volvo, and how her engine died this past weekend.

Rosie the Red was a girl that loved the road. She loved to run on the road all day long and race any one else on the road. She was small enough and fast enough to beat all the bigguns on the road and she loved it. She loved the feeling of the wind through her hair and the looks on the others faces as she, an older lady, beat them at their own game.

But one day, Rosie found that it was more difficult to run. Her heart couldn't handle it as well and Rosie got hot really fast. She didn't mind it too much, it just meant she sweat a little more. But it happened more and more often. She would get really hot and sweat and then she would get really cold and then really hot again all while she was running. She didn't know what was wrong.

She consulted her dad, and he said it might be that she wasn't drinking enough water. So Rosie started drinking more water. That helped, for a little bit anyway. But she kept getting hot and cold and then hot again. It was getting harder and harder to do the thing she loved and to feel the wind in her hair.

One day, on the way back from one of her favorite places, Rosie was in a race again. She had to get somewhere really fast. Suddenly her heart started going "Whall-ump, whall-ump, whall-ump." This was a new sound. Rosie got really really hot, but she wasn't sweating. She thought she should stop and get some water and just as she was trying to get off the course, her heart stopped and then weakly "Thall-umped" again.

Rosie was sent to the hospital. Rosie was sent to three different hospitals and all of them didn't know why her heart was giving her such problems. Finally she was taken to Dr. Scott's hospital and he and Dr. Larry took one look at her heart and said her right atrium was not getting the air or the blood it needed and the pulmonary valve wouldn't open. There was a rip and there was a leak. That was why she was getting so hot.

There was nothing they could do to fix Rosie's heart. The only thing they told Rosie that would help would be to get a new heart.

Should she? Should she get a new heart? Rosie didn't know what to do.

She asked her dad and he said maybe. She asked her friend Mark and he said maybe. Was it God's time to take her? Her dad and her friend told her to ask the doctors, surely they would know better than them.

Rosie as Dr. Scott and he said she should get a new heart. And not only that, but it just so happened he just had someone donate the exact heart she would need. Rosie asked if it would hurt and Dr. Scott said yes. He said it would hurt a lot.

Rosie took a deep breath and said with God's help, she would get the new heart. Dr. Scott gave her a small smile and said she was worth many hearts and in just one week she'd be able to do the things she loved again, like beating the bigguns and, most of all, feeling the wind in her hair.

Posted by Fae at December 17, 2009 01:06 AM
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