April 10, 2006

Springtime, don't bother me

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am almost deathly allergic to Spring. I love it, don't get me wrong. I look forward to flowers starting to bloom, seeing the petals drift off like so many fairy clouds, and watching the tree shadows thicken.

But I hate the air! My lungs start burning when I laugh, my nose starts tickling every time I step out the door, and my eyes start watering whenever a cool breeze brushes my face.

All right, I am done now with my vent. I saw a doctor a few days ago (something I was trying to prevent, but didn't succeed because somehow I always end up at the doctors right around this time of the season) and she gave me some drugs that fixed me right as rain. Rain is also a good thing, so this past weekend with intermittent showers was, I do believe, heaven sent.

I'm in my fairy skirt (this green gauzy thing that makes me proud I am a clothing design major) and even though it is at the end of a long Monday, I could almost promise you it felt like Friday. (I think it was because of the skirt)

Anyway, this really weird mood, and this vent, is from my adrenaline high I'm coming off of from being at a friend's audition for his musical. And I was talking to one of my muses (no, seriously. if you ever saw her on stage, or just watched her....just live...it is amazing because she does it with such passion and...........oooo, i can't find the word. something like energy with a deep velvet purple feel to it. you just have to watch her and you are inspired to live as deeply and as in love with God as she does). As I was saying, I was talking to her about the audition just after the fact when people were still mingling around. She said something along the lines of why sing a hymn to show off your voice when you could, with a little help from God to forget your surroundings, praise Him with the hymn and just happen to be on center stage in front of every body. I know she said it better.

And I replied with a, yeah, that's why God hasn't let me study the thing I now know I love most until this next semester because before I wanted to prove I could do it, whereas now I want to share my passion, my love for theater.

There are no words in my vocabulary to express this feeling I want to share with everyone around about what I think about theater. For me it is so much more than just going to a preformance and seeing your friends do something you know they are good at. It is another experience to see people's lives played out on stage and their joys and fears and triumphs and heartaches all in one place. Theater is so much more than lights and setting and costumes and stage. It is about the people God has placed on this earth (or in people's imagination) and how He is moving in and among them without them even knowing it.

And my joy is when I find those moments of absolute truth where no one but God could move and help people to move. Stage is just an opportunity to see another aspect of people and how God shapes them.

I love theater. And I am beyond happy that I may now study it formally. And even if I am not accepted into the Masters program because of some of my human faults that God has not burnished off yet, I will still study it, because in studying theater, I must study people, and in studying people, I am studying other multiple and wonderful facets of my King and Creater who made us, everyone of us, in His image.

Posted by Fae at April 10, 2006 10:15 PM