February 25, 2006


God has given me this intense curiosity about things, making me a lot like a cat. So every once in a while I find things, read things that make my mind go, "ooooh, that is cool!! how in the world?!" And I go to great lengths to find out the background, the exposition, the whatever, so I know tons about it, or I try to find out how to do it.

Unfortunately, every once in a while, I do not have the skills to do, or find, what it is that I am curious about.

Anyway, all this to say, how do you find and use stat-tracker?!? I read Dave's thing that he found someone hitting his site from Togo, and I went, "oooooooh, I want to do that too, cause I'm curious to know who reads this stuff." And what do I find? Nothing! NOTHING!!! *sits and tries not to be envious of someone's stat-tracker*

Can anyone help me out???

Posted by Fae at February 25, 2006 10:23 PM