December 19, 2008

First Half

These are the first seven of a group of fifteen illustrations (I've taken to calling them 'illos' in the office) for the sequel to the Mysteries Book that came out last year. But think of them as being just for you, friend!

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December 17, 2008

Fantasy Decor

I've never been one to collect little fairy figurines. I'm not even truly a fan of those resin angels that are made out to look like carefully hand-whittled dolls. And y'all can keep your phosphorescent cottages to yourselves! Blech. I like simple, mid-century modern, intelligent design when it comes to what I allow in my home. However, I will make an exception for things that I consider truly unique or clever.

So, I'm going to cast this idea to the digital air and allow people to take it and run with it if it's worth putting into production. Where are all the fantasy tongue-in-cheek home goods? Does anyone make a dragon-skin leather chair? What about a tonton-skin rug for the living room? I think that a tonton rug would look pretty swanky in the right setting. I'm pretty sure that I'd buy an L-shaped sectional upholstered in a single giant basilisk skin (mocha brown, fold-out bed in there somewhere).

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December 10, 2008

Thomas Young

Thomas Young gave us Wave Theory of Light. This is my little editorial spot art + homage to Tim Biskup.

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December 04, 2008


So I FINALLY just wrapped my head around Celtic knot work for the cover and page elements of 'More Everyday Science Mysteries.' I was sitting there yesterday, working away on the running chapter head (which was the last bit of art that I had to do for the book template...) and it just all suddenly clicked! It was like the sky opened up and all the math and symmetries of weaving highly irregular and meandering lines into tightly organized shapes came descending on golden treads. I just wish that it had happened sooner in the process. I hope that I get to use this stuff again!


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