September 30, 2008

Logo in Progress


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September 17, 2008

Safety First, Then Lunch


There aren't many accidents in an office where everyone sits at their computers for the majority of the day and click click double-click the hours away. I'm not even sure where the closest fire extinguisher is from my desk. Still, there are some unavoidable hazards that require thoughtful attention. For instance, today was the bi-annual cleaning of the community refrigerator in the break room. The building maintenance high shaman ascends to our floor and casts out the undead carrion from the chilly depths wrought of white wire and crisper drawers. And, twice a year we are saved from the steady increase of spore-ridden filth.

For the IT guys this is a big day. Several techies enjoy watching the undertaking to determine which of the exhumed containers had most decayed. It's pretty hard to look away in spite of how awful things have become in the last six months.

Though mold is a strong contender for claiming the most lunch-bag casualties, its fuzzy greenness is bested by the bane of all brown-baggers: the office mooch. Fortunately, those of us who bring our lunch to work can invest in a few of these. They're sure to ward off those who regularly prowl the office kitchen for ill-gotten Gouda. Still, don't forget to label and date.

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