July 21, 2007

Things that are Great

Sporadically and without warning, I am going to post entries to this category. My objective in writing these special entries is to keep you posted on new things (or things that are new to me) that I consider great and worthy of your attention.


This stuff is great! I keep a tube of it in my desk at work and pull it out as soon as I arrive in the morning and right after lunch. I've never tried a toothpaste before that actually kept my breath very fresh for a very long time. The little breath strips definitely do their job! If halitosis plagues you then I heartily recommend this product.


I know that these have been on the market for a while now and that they aren't anything new to anyone who is familiar enough with the internet to read a blog posting, but I think that they're great. I use mine a lot while commuting. Sometimes I'll play one of the games when I'm on the metro for a while.


I keep a Firefox window open to this site all day long. Dailey, the blog's keeper, has pulled together a top-notch links list which will guide you to the best of creative graphic communications folks on the web. He also posts thought-provoking print designs from many talented artists. This site is great because it never fails to punch me through the worst case of designer's block. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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