October 09, 2006

Act Now!

I've recently started submitting pattern designs to nakedandangry.com. The deal is this:

1) submit a pattern
2) have people vote on your pattern
3) if your pattern wins then you get $500 and five free items from the site catalog.

You want a piece of the action?

Let's make a deal. Go to the website and make an account (free, no worries) so you can vote. Then visit the links below to vote on my patterns. Email me or post a comment after you vote to let me know that you did. I will keep track of who emails and comments at what times. If one of my patterns are selected then I will give a free item from the website catalog to the fifth, tenth, twentieth, thirtieth, and fortieth person to email me. There is only one week open for voting so please be swift!

Good luck and make me proud :-)

the links:

Antique Swirl (http://www.nakedandangry.com/pattern/5198/Antique_Swirl)

Egg (http://www.nakedandangry.com/pattern/5199/Egg)

Turning Leaf (http://www.nakedandangry.com/pattern/5258/Turning_Leaf)

Hexa-Herb (http://www.nakedandangry.com/pattern/5266/Hexa_herb)

Pink Stripe (http://www.nakedandangry.com/pattern/5304/Pink_Stripe)

Lunch (http://www.nakedandangry.com/pattern/5314/Lunch)

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October 01, 2006


This is just a quick update to mention that I am forever abandoning the prurient shores of MySpace.com and heading over to Facebook.com. Facebook is more intuitive, open to all (no longer exclusive to academia), and the best part is that they don't have filth all over every page. I also enjoy the RSS setting that allows a member to link their blog to their Facebook 'notes.' With this feature I can enjoy the networking opportunities without neglecting my cozy home here at Ben's Friends.

Consider this the first shout-out to my new Facebook peeps and special thank-you to Gwen for getting me plugged into the new network. Also, all the folks at VA Beach are awesome!

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