October 26, 2005

New Toys

I've always wanted to try this:

I think the panorama should be close to 160° or so.

I used my new camera to collect the images I needed to put the montage together (he's also responsible for the Boston photo essay, an archetype, I'm sure, of future image projects). His name is Argos after the many-eyed creature that Hera had watch Io after Zues had turned the latter into a cow... long story. Anyway, eventually Zues killed Argos and Hera put his eyes on peacock feathers. Which is why the icon that shows up on my desktop when I link to the camera looks like this. Which brings us to toy #2: the new plugin for Photoshop with which I can make my own icons for my various folders and hardware. Yes, I'm a design geek and stuff like this is too fun to pass up. I even made one for my USB drive named Taras (another long story).

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October 15, 2005

Taffy and Jam

Today is Saturday. It is a very good day to be Saturday and Saturday could not have fallen on a better day than today.

This is also the 'clean-like-a-mother' Saturday at the apartment. This means that we whip out every cleaning solution and amonia aroma available and srub and buff and scour and scrape and shine every latent surface in the apartment. But not before going out to find some statically charged dust cloths and stopping by Dailey's for the weekly ThreeKings brainstorming session.

Today we talked about some PR strategems and such. We mapped out some goals for the next meeting. Made plans for contactin a few people regarding our projected growth. Then we played.

Dailey's wife Michelle brought home her old cello from when she played it in school. It is missing the C string, but that didn't stop us from having our fun. We opened a bunch of song/chord sharts (as well as salt water delicacies). He sat down with the guitar. I picked up the cello (trying to remember what I learned from more than a year ago since I had touched a cello). Then we jammed. It was great. Music is such a wonderful gift! Coaxing pure tones from the box's belly with a stick made me want to start taking lessons again.

After we finished we went up to a balcony where we could be within reach of a wireless network. And here I am typing away and watching the tulip trees drop flakes of gold on the otherwise russet ground. Today is a very good day to be Saturday.

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October 12, 2005

Simply Being Curious

How do you all feel or think about this?


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October 10, 2005

Boston: A Photo Essay

To be perfectly frank, the first thing I look at when vising another's blog is photos followed by poetry or interesting formatting and then (if time allows) the body of the entry. So, if you read as I do, then you will probably enjoy this laconic chronicle of a weekend in coastal New England.

the group

the obligatory stop at a restaurant

we caught up with a friend in Roanoke for a midnight snack

that morning we went to the coast to take pictures

The last time I visited this particular beach was twenty years ago when my parents and I vacationed there to see the famous Nubble Light. I'm vicariously reliving my life through this photo.

this is Nubble Light

these are the women of the trip (from left to right: Sarah, Andrea, Kathy the mom, Amber, and Gloria)

Boston from within

Old Iron Sides, the oldest operating Naval vessel and she never lost a battle either!

Mike's Pastries located in the most Italian part of town just a stone's throw from the Commons

Paul Revere Park located behind the Old North Church

and then on to the Museum of Fine Art (please note that photography taken of artwork is for personal use only. Please contact the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to obtain image permissions for commercial use)

I saw this in the gift shop and couldn't resist. The collage illustrations are very fun.


this is the Roman Art section (the most ironic thing to me was that they were actively restoring a mosaic in a climate controlled fish tank while I had walked all over similar ones in Turkey in open weather!)

these reminded me of Gwen's dad

two cool green marble capitols

Yeah, he built the Pyramids

On our way out we drove through New Rochelle to take 9A to Broadway. We drove past all the great sites including Juliard & Lincoln Center, Columbus Circle at the corner of Central Park, Madison Square Garden, Times Square, and the big bronze bull in the financial district. We stopped at the corner of west Bank street and seventh for some chocolate gelato and a walk through the neighborhood. It was great. The city never seems to lack enough light to feel like day all the time. I wonder if that's what the new Jerusalem will feel like when we won't need the sun. Then we hopped back in the car and took West Street past Ground Zero to the Holland Tunnel. The rest is blurry street lights and bleary gas stations.

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October 09, 2005

The Folks (as of yesterday)

Awww... they're so cute!

(more on this to come)

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October 05, 2005

Always in Style

The ThreeKings team under the sheer brilliance of C. Dailey Crafton have updated the look of the site. Check it out! We've also added some new logos. As always we have fun, free, and downloadable desktops. Enjoy! Leave us your comments on the 3K blog and let us know what you think or if we can help you with any lingering design needs that may presently pester you. Have an awesome evening, folks!

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