October 31, 2008


Hello! Today I'm sharing an in-process video that shows how I'm revamping a custom typeface I developed for a book that we published last spring. The book's sequel, More Everyday Science Mysteries, will be released, with revamped type, this spring.

Mysterium is inspired by Victorian-era display faces and by the work of Tim Biskup. The typeface, in tandem with the final cover design, will evoke the look of very old gothic novels and the Victorian fascination with death and mourning in an Edward Gorey sort of way.

So here's the process vid! I show you the making of F, G, and H. I don't blame you if you give up after H. The video gets rather boring. BUT! I've included a special feature just for you!!! I have deftly removed all sound from the video so that you can play whatever music you like as your very own customizable play list! How about that!

Mysterium_3 from timothy french on Vimeo.

Posted by timf at October 31, 2008 12:30 PM
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