January 31, 2008

Blog Move

A while ago I posted about a blog that I spend a great deal of time checking and rechecking daily. Dailey Crafton's professional blog about print design and all things awesome. You should know that The Graphic Style of Everyone Else, formerly of www.daileycrafton.com fame, will soon reside at www.daileycrafton.net.

I hope that you continue to read and contribute. Dailey also takes submissions of print design from the public at large. If you would like your print design work featured or if you know an artist/designer whose work deserves some public attention then email a sample of the work (or portfolio website, or what-have-you) to Dailey at [email protected]

In Dailey's words:

"ok, so my domain name, daileycrafton.com, expired, and i believe it was snarfed soon after. on some computers, my site still shows up, but on others, some spam site under daileycrafton.com shows up. it’s very strange. anyway, i tried to renew daileycrafton.com, but was unable because someone else bought it. so i will be moving everything to daileycrafton.net, please change all of your links to reflect this change."

Posted by timf at January 31, 2008 11:53 AM

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