November 23, 2004

at long last

I am making pilgramage to the wrong side of the river.

This thanksgiving in celebration of a week free of classes I choose Memphis (the real Memphis is on the west side of its river).

I really can't express how glad I am to travel again and be in a place of minimal distraction. Lately I've felt so caked with responsabilities and protocols that I haven't had time to be human. I still do all those human things but all I can think about is whether skipping lunch on a particular Tuesday will give me enough time to finish a project and the like.

I desparately want time. Time to think. Time to mourn. Time to play. Time to build up. Time to break down. Time to grow. Time to be thankful.

Posted by timf at November 23, 2004 12:56 PM

Hope you have a great time!

Life is rough... but don't think it gets easier after you graduate. It's just different busy. I wish I had time for lots of things also. So far I've only averaged 2 hrs a week with the Master Doug Young. I've learned a lot, but that's not nearly enough time a week. Hopefully next week...

Posted by: Tom at November 23, 2004 01:58 PM

We have a "wrong side of the river" up here in Boston. We refer to it as "The People's Republic of Cambridge." (only slightly kidding :)

Posted by: jen d at November 24, 2004 09:11 AM
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