October 30, 2004

The two-video basket

That sounds kind of strange.

After doing my demonstration speech on basketmaking, I got inspired to continue. The somewhat large basket that was left waiting while I practiced for my informative speech (on chocolate, no less!) is now finished. I "listen" to videos while I work on projects and that basket took two Star Wars videos to complete. (I actually "listened" to all five Star Wars videos, but that's another story.)

Last night I stained five of my baskets and hung them in the garage to dry. I would have stained six but my can of stain ran out....I now have a new can.

I'm not particularly happy with the shape of the really big basket. I used the wrong reed for ribs and it isn't as nicely rounded as I would like but that's OK. I have another underway this evening that is exactly like I want it!

The baskets went outside today to air and finish drying...they looked really neat bouncing around on their clothesline in the breeze and Gwen took some pictures so now I have some photos to spice up my blog.

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October 27, 2004

Two down, two to go...

OK, I practiced my speech last night, leaving my basket unfinished and Han Solo encased in carbonite......I was, once again, very nervous. My stomach was in knots and I was shaking but I got it overwith. My subject matter was wonderful.....chocolate and it's many health benefits.....but my delivery was sorely lacking. I clung to the podium and, I think, at times I was actually moving it around in front of me. I know I was doing some wiggy things with my foot, and I'm almost afraid to look at the video lest I see how horrible it actually was. Oh, well......it's over and done with. I think I need to run a couple of miles before doing these things in order to work off all the nervous energy beforehand. Any advice from those of you who are exemplary public speakers?????

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October 26, 2004

speeches, speeches.

I have another speech tomorrow. This time my informative one. I don't particularly want to practice it tonite, although I know I have to. What I really want to do is work on a huge basket I am making. I want to do what I want to do, not what I know I have to do!

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October 24, 2004

After the Fact...

Friday nite there was a party at our house. There were a number of people present....I don't know exactly how many, I didn't take time to count. What I do know is:

I love having parties at our house.

I love listening to the conversations.

I love hearing stories from missionaries who have spent their lives ministering to others in a foreign country.

I am blessed tremendously when I hear the plans and dreams of young people whose whole purpose in life is to serve the Lord whenever and wherever they may be called.

I love the laughter and goofiness that sometimes accompanies these gatherings.

Young people like to eat.....I like to cook. It's a good combination.

Maybe we'll get to do it again sometime.

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