May 31, 2007

Birthday cake ... yummy!

Part of the reason we had Gabe's birthday party outside in the carport was so that we could hose him and the surroundings down after he enjoyed his birthday cake.

It didn't quite come to that, I don't think, but Gabe's first move was to swipe off a glob of extra frosting and "phwap" it down on the concrete.

Note the matching plates, napkins, AND cake. Mommy did a good job making the cake.

"I want 'Gak!' " says the birthday boy.

Digging into his personal birthday cake. Gabe was in diapers, bib, and shoes and socks for the cake-eating so that we could clean up easier.

Eating contentedly.

All gone ... kind of. (He didn't do it then, but recently Gabe signed "All done" to Mommy at the table.)

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One year old!


Wednesday was Gabe's one-year birthday, which he celebrated with most of the afternoon at home, half with Mommy and half with Daddy -- and all with a fever that was too high for him to stay at daycare. When he's feverish, Gabe is often more cuddly and usually still pretty happy and playful, but for his first birthday?

Thankfully, we celebrated the milestone over the long weekend with better health and lots of grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. We had a lot of fun in nice, warm weather. We had the party outside in our shady carport, which worked well. On one end we had a pickup truck bed and tailgate full of toys. On the other end we had our porch swing, which several enjoyed at various times.

Gabe is walking on his own now, better and faster daily. He's good barefoot or in shoes, indoors and in the uneven grass outside. With his walker toy, he basically runs and can anticipate and steer around obstacles.

He's becoming more and more verbal. His favorite word is "Gak!" That's used for "Look!" or "That!" Variants of it also mean "Duck" or "Quack." Wheeled construction equipment and riding mowers are an excited finger-pointed "Caca!" or "Cacar!" for "Tractor!" Any vehicle driving or bird flying by is exciting, and twice Gabe has waved at the police car driving through our neighborhood.

Recently, he missed getting his driver's permit by one question. (Kidding!)

Here's a couple photos from the birthday festivities Saturday.

A popular new toy. Who needs other presents? The tongue out is a sign of concentration, passed down through his Daddy's genes.

Lots of loot, guys!

The light-up, noise-making, self-propelled fire truck was a big hit.

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