January 22, 2007

First snow

We got about three or four inches of snow on Sunday, and we took Gabe out to play in his first snow. He's struggling with his third tooth, but in spite of that, I think he had fun, although he wasn't sure what to think of the snow. If we had something more suited for sledding, I think he would have had a blast.

Gabe and Daddy in the backyard.

Gabe in his makeshift sled (i.e. snowplow).

Kinda fun!

I think this is fun!

What is this stuff hitting my eyelashes and face?

Gabe and Mommy match.

Brrr. Don't you guys know that the white stuff is cold?

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January 11, 2007

Our Christmas angel


This photo is the result of a 60-second-or-less photo shoot before church. We needed a photo for our Christmas card, so we plopped Gabe in his little rocking chair in front of our first-ever full-size Christmas tree, handed him the gift box, and snapped a few photos.

When Daddy read some Christmas passages from the Bible, little Gabe heard -- and knew -- his name when Daddy read about the angel Gabriel.

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January 10, 2007

Hold me to it ...

I'm planning to post more photos soon. Honest.

My hopes are to share photos from the Christmas break, but if you don't see anything in a few days, post some comments to get me back on track.

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November hike (just a little late)


Although today is in the 30s for a high, most of the late fall and early winter has been abnormally warm. In November, we took advantage of the weather and went for a short hike to an overlook, not far from our home.

It was a beautiful day, with gorgeous views. Gabe, who loves the outdoors, was perfectly content in his backpack carrier, his Brooklyn hat and his sunglasses.


Mommy and Daddy planned to have a picnic lunch at the overlook, but we had a visitor from the animal kingdom that rearranged those plans.


Yes, we had been clip-clopping over his bridge.

I had read about an ornery mountain goat on a trail a few miles away, but this was the first we'd encountered a goat on this trail, which we've done several times. This one wasn't unfriendly, but with the baby, we were concerned about its unpredictability, so we started hiking back to the car.

The goat eventually followed at a distance, bleating as he went. Thankfully he followed another couple back to the overlook after we passed them. That gave us an opportunity to eat our picnic along the trail, but the stinky, smelly goat returned as we were finishing.

Again he followed, and again, another group came along that won his interest. I guess next time we'll tip-toe, not clip-clop, over his bridge.

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