February 16, 2006

Work update

In the past several weeks, I've been handling some personnel changes at work. A part-time employee resigned, giving me a window to request the creation of a full-time reporter spot. The request was approved, so the last few weeks I've been advertising for the position and starting the process of screening the applicants.

Since this is a public setting, I won't go into any details, but it's been an interesting experience. Being on this side of the job search is entirely new to me. It's an education seeing how resumes come in and then, as of yesterday, conducting my first interviews (in a tag-team with my boss).

When I get this position filled, it will be a big boost to our news coverage, which has been an area needing improvement. Currently, the news staff consists of myself, a full-time sports editor, and a part-time reporter to cover one entire county and six incorporated towns therein.

Thankfully, I have the support and trust of my superiors. It's reassuring to see them approve a full-time position that didn't previously exist as well as institute some other new programs.

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