February 18, 2006

Old Design - Circa Summer 2003

Recently, I ran across some old archives with some interesting stuff from my not so distant. Some stuff goes back to high school, but most is college goof-offings. This post will be the first in a running series of my old design stuff.

Funny, yes. Most of this I actually showed to people. Wow.

All of this design was done in the summer of 2003. I had access to a pretty decent G4 with photoshop, illustrator, indesign and an infamous collection of fonts. Almost all was done for Northland Camp where I worked on Program Staff for the summer of 2003. They called me Trailblazer back then.


The Pioneer Village T-Shirt
that never got printed.

The Teen Camp Team Shirts.
Go Blue? I really like the powerpuff girls font on the “trailblazers” shirt. Nothing says go like a techno font and a vector mountain.

The Sports Camp Team Shirts.
Yes that is a turtle with a rocket strapped to his back. I know it’s hard to see due to the eye-straining yellow. Forgive the way, they chose the one with the beakers. So bland. Hah.

The Northland Camp Disc Golf Logo.
This was emblazoned on all the camps disc golf discs. ?? Anyhow, there was a PDGA course that snaked through campus. Imagine that bad boy spinning toward your waiting forehead. The wobbly little half moons on either side of the disc are a little unnerving. The disc seems to be emitting mental energy of some sort. And yes, the font is from Mickey Mouse.

Trader’s Trap
I can’t really remember what this was about, but I think it had something to do with numbers and a trap? Hmm... Do you like the nice text warp ripple effect? I thought it matched the hat nicely. Hat courtesy of the Las Vegas Font Collection from House Industries.

The Western Pacific Express Team Shirt.
Been to the Wilds and never seen this shirt, you say? Yes. That’s because nothing was ever done with it. Another designer left in the mud. I don’t know if I would have bought it anyway though.

...and last but, not least.

The Program Staff Survival Guide Cover.
Amazingly enough, these guys did absolutely nothing with safety or survival. Isn’t it great to manipulate with design? I’m pretty sure I was going through a dirty grimy design stage at the time.

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