February 13, 2006

Pettit Week Wrapup


Can you tell I snuck into this picture?We just finished up our church's Friend's Day and Special Meetings. What an amazing time. The Lord was so good last week. Coming into 2006, we did not have a Friend's Day speaker scheduled. Some scheduling mixups left us with nothing for the year. That is, until about 4 weeks ago. Pastor Craig had been praying for quite a few months for something special for this year, and while browsing the Pettit Team website just about 4 weeks ago, we noticed an opening in their schedule. We quickly called Brother Steve and found that they had a cancellation, and were planning to take the week off. We asked them if they would be interested in joining us for that week...preaching and providing music for our Friend's Day and through the rest of the week. They graciously agreed. It is absolutely amazing how God works things out. The Lord opened up a week for us, provided a speaker and gave us a wonderful day and week.

On our Friend's Day Sunday morning, we had over 35 friends with us in the service, including 5 city council members, the city manager, 2 police officers, the high school principal, and neighborhood watch representatives. All in all, it was the third largest attendance in our churches history. There was not an open seat in the auditorium!

The week was great. God really moved in our hearts. After the Friend's Day, Brother Steve directed the rest of his messages toward us, and the Spirit did some serious work. Sunday night's message on How to be a Zero was so powerful for us. The text was 1 Cor. 13, and Brother Steve openend up what it really meant to speak and work and minister without love. I have a lot to work on. He also spoke on the only way to be used of God, by being broken before Him. What is Sin, and how does it affect the believer (1 John 3). And Wednesday, he preached on the preservation and perservearance of the saints, Running the Race, from Hebrews 12:1-2. Just powerful.

The time I got to spend with the team was very valuable. Jeremy Frazor is a constant encouragement and iron-sharpening-iron friend to me. He makes me understand what the scripture means when it says, "Faithful are the wounds of a friend." He is a great friend.

Praise the Lord, for He alone does amazing wonders!

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