June 10, 2005

Last minute

I'm about to leave for the Cape Town airport, so I thought I'd write one last note before I go on my journey to Swaziland, etc.! I'm going to miss Stellenbosch incredibly, but I've learned so much here and now I have to travel the world to meet up with my wonderful friends from Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, the US, Canada, Mexico, etc. Yesterday I got together with Marc, the exchange student from Stellenbosch going to Clemson next year! Samantha, the exchange coordinator here, says he's the luckiest of all Stellenbosch students--I thought that was sweet! Yeah, I do miss Clemson, and Greenville. Less than a month and I'll be home sweet home. I want to be three people: one still in Stellenbosch with friends here, one travelling to Swazi, and one back home with you guys!


Me and Marc at Pappa's Bistro

Can't WAIT to see you guys soon!

Posted by Cate at June 10, 2005 10:05 AM

Hi, Cate! My name is Meg Jordan and I have a blog on bensfriends, too, and I also go to Clemson. Maybe I'll see you on campus in the fall!

Posted by: Meg at June 10, 2005 11:54 AM
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